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3 Ways To Shorten Laser Skin Resurfacing Recovery

If your skincare goal involves fewer wrinkles and blemishes, laser skin resurfacing is a treatment option for you. While this treatment method is highly effective and noninvasive, it does come along with some recovery. However, fortunately, there are steps you can take to shorten your recovery time to reveal beautiful results faster. Learn what steps you can take. 

1. Keep the Skin Clean  

Immediately after your initial treatment, you might think it is best to keep your skin as is, but this is not the case. Instead, it is important that you keep your skin clean. In this sensitive state, your skin is especially vulnerable to infiltration by bacteria, which could lead to an infection. 

Washing your face regularly is important to keep your skin clean and lessen your infection risk. During the immediate recovery period, you should also avoid applying makeup, as these products can settle around these areas, lead to infection, and extend your recovery.

2. Minimize Agitation

During the recovery process, it is typical for flaky, almost scab-like areas to form on top of the skin. These areas are part of the natural healing process and are, essentially, the damaged areas of the skin that were targeted during the resurfacing process, flaking away, so, it is important that you avoid picking these areas. 

If you pick the skin, you will interrupt the natural healing process and cause trauma to the skin; trauma that could lead to the formation of a new blemish. Picking the skin could also leave you susceptible to infection. Leave your skin alone and allow it to heal at its own pace.

3. Apply a Cold Compress 

Some swelling is normal after skin resurfacing. However, you can help reveal your revitalized skin if you reduce the swelling. One way to go about this goal is to apply a cold compress to the skin. 

Cold from the compress will cause the blood vessels in the area to construct, which will, in turn, decrease the blood circulation in the site, which is behind the swelling. Additionally, if you experience any discomfort during the recovery phase, the cold compress can also minimize this pain. For the best results, purchase a few cold compress packs so that you always have one available. 

In addition to these suggestions, you can ask the technician providing your service for additional measures you can take to keep your laser skin rejuvenation treatment recovery time as short as possible.