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Tips For A Beautiful At-Home Hair Coloring

If you enjoy coloring your hair or you’re thinking about trying something completely new, you’ve probably considered making an appointment for a professional coloring at your local salon. If you decide instead that you want to color your hair yourself at home, it can be less expensive, and does not take very long to complete. Here’s some helpful tips to make sure your next hair coloring adventure turns out beautifully. Deciding on a Shade You’re standing in the aisle of the drug store, staring at the row of endless color options. But which shade do you choose? If you’re coloring your hair for the first time, you will want to consider a few things like your skin tone and the length of your hair. Look at some pictures of people with a similar skin color and hairstyle to get an idea of what the different shades might look like on you. Choose a more “safe” or mellow color selection at first, so if you do not like it, it’ll be easy to color over. Remember that darker colors are more difficult to change, so start out light just to play it safe. Application is Essential Each brand of hair coloring comes with its own unique set of instructions, so be sure to follow them very carefully. Open the box and lay everything out on the bathroom counter before you begin. Read the instructions carefully for both the mixing and application steps. Make sure you wear quality gloves (most come with their own pair) while you color. Mix the ingredients carefully and thoroughly, and begin applying the color as soon as you’re done mixing. Make sure you set a timer so that the hair dye does not sit on your hair too long, or that you don’t rinse it out too soon. Taking Care of Your Color After you’ve rinsed the dye out in the shower, you should apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair. Let it sit for at least one minute before you rinse it out. Most brand name dyes come with a small tube of special conditioner for you to use right after the application. Rinse your hair thoroughly, making sure all dye is out and the water is running clear. For red heads, the sun can fade your color much quicker than other shades, so apply a spray treatment that contains special sunscreens for hair that […]

Chakra, Spiritual An D Aura Massages: How They Differ

Chakra, spiritual and aura massages are all associated with New Age healing. However, these three types of massage are very different from each other. If you have never experienced any of these massages but are curious as to how they differ, the following article will help you get a better understanding of these massage practices and why spas and salons offer them. Spiritual Massage This is not traditional massage by any means. Instead of working with different pressures along the back, neck, head and full torso, a spiritual massage requires that you lay prone (on your stomach, and the specialist runs his or her hands from your head straight down to your feet with long, medium-pressure strokes. It is often combined with relaxing music or sounds of nature in the background. A sensuous component may be added with scented oils that appeal to your inner spirit and soul, something which the massage therapist can help you determine. Chakra Massage According to Indian spiritual beliefs, the body has seven chakras, or areas of well-being, lined up the center of the body. Chakras that are “out of order” cause you to feel a certain way emotionally. When the feelings are negative, your chakras are trying to tell you something. Chakra massage is meant to help you reconnect with all of your chakras, listen to them and your body, and put all of your chakras in a straight line again. Various types of pressure are applied to your “root” chakra at the base of your spine all the way to the top of your head. It may or may not require you to flip over onto your spine since the chakra positioned just behind your bellybutton cannot be massaged effectively while you are on your stomach. Aura Massage Similar to a chakra, the aura is supposedly the life force that surrounds you and dwells within you. There are Tibetan exercises that help you massage your own aura, but you may prefer a professional’s help instead. The specialist has you lay on your stomach but does not touch your physical body. Instead, he or she passes over, around and above your body many times with different waving movements to awaken the aura and “let it breathe”. It might be the best option for a unique massage if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger touching your body but would also like to […]

Learn Three Ways To Get Straighter Hair

There are many women with wavy hair who want nothing more than to have straight, smooth hair. Straightening wavy hair with a hair straightener every day can be a bit irritating after a while because of how long it takes to do. There are a few options that are available that allow you to have the straight hair you want without having to deal with the hassle of using a hair straightener every day. The following guide walks you through a few options that will give you the straight hair you want. Chemical Straightening There are chemical relaxers that can be used on your hair to make it straighter. These relaxers come in varying strengths to ensure that the right strength can be used on your hair to ensure that the hair does not burn. If you attempted to use a relaxer on your hair and did not know what you were doing, you could cause significant damage to it. A chemical relaxer will last for quite a long time because it changes your hair at a chemical level and prevents the wave from occurring in your hair. Blow Out A blow out occurs when a hair stylist puts straightening serum on your hair and then uses a blow dryer and a special brush to straighten your hair. This straightening method only lasts until your hair gets wet. Once your hair is wet, it will turn wavy again. A blow out is often recommended for someone who has a special event to go to and wants their hair to be as straight as possible. Thermal Reconditioning Thermal reconditioning, often referred to as Japanese straightening lasts for quite a few months, depending on how often you wash your hair. A special solution is used to wash the hair to remove the waves from the hair. A stylist at your hair salon then dries the hair with a blow dryer and uses a hair straightener to iron the hair carefully. He or she makes sure that every centimeter of hair is as straight as possible. When finished, you will not be able to wash your hair for a few days to give the solution time to set. For the next few months, your hair will be perfectly straight, sleek, and beautiful. There is no hair straightening process that will make your hair straight permanently though. As your hair grows, the roots will […]