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Cut Your Hair Yourself And It Is Now A Disaster? 2 Tips On What You Can Do

If you tried to cut your own hair to save money and now it is a complete disaster, do not worry too much about this because there are things you can do until it gets back to normal. Below are two of these things so you can determine if they would be right for you. Visit a Salon The very first thing on your list should be to visit a hair salon to try to repair the damage you caused. Depending on what you did, they can try to cut your hair to shape it into place. Depending on how short you cut your hair you should plan to wait for it to grow out because hair grows approximately half an inch per month. This does depend on many factors, however, such as your race, hormonal state, and genetics. The hair salon stylist can show you different ways to fix your hair to help hide this area. For example, if you cut the sides too short, you can do a side braid or twist. If you cut your bangs way too short, you can pull them back on top of your head and secure them with hair pins. This is called a pompadour hair style. You could part your hair on one side to help hide the side area also. Wear a Wig If you messed your hair up so bad that the stylist could not do much with it, you can wear a wig while you are waiting for it to grow out. You can have fun with this as you can choose any length, color, and style that you want. There are different types of wigs you can choose from including: Synthetic Synthetic wigs are less expensive than most other types of wigs. They are generally made of nylon and acrylic. You should understand that this type of wig can melt in high heat so you need to be careful when styling the hair with a hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener. You can choose to dye the synthetic wig so it matches your normal hair color. This wig feels almost like human hair and it looks natural. Synthetic wigs wear out quicker than other types, though. Natural A more expensive option is a natural wig that is made of human hair, buffalo hair, or horsehair. A good quality natural wig is very durable and will last a […]

Hydrafacial Treatments: An Introduction For Prospective Patients

As you age, the changes and flaw of your face naturally become more noticeable. However, the ready availability of specific treatments with a dermatologist can usually help to reduce the imperfections you see. Perhaps one of the most popular relatively modern facial treatments is the hydrafacial. This innovative technique, offered by only well-trained dermatology centers, is known to give incredible results after just one treatment. If you are considering a treatment to combat the signs of aging, a hydrafacial could be just what you need. Here are a few of the most common questions about hydrafacial treatments and the answers you will want to know as a prospective patient. What is a hydrafacial treatment exactly? A hydrafacial treatment is a form of a facial performed by a dermatologist that does not involve the use of laser technology. The procedure is performed primarily with water which is delivered by a handheld device that contains the moisture as it works to clean your skin. The process involves a basic exfoliation, hydration, and cleansing of the skin on your face. After repeated treatments, many patients see a dramatic difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and even aging spots or areas of skin discoloration.  Is a hydrafacial suitable for all skin types? Because of the gentle nature of the hydrafacial treatments, this is a suitable treatment for any skin type. Everyone from those with oily skin issues to those who have dry scaly skin or skin issues can be a suitable candidate and see benefits with hydrafacial treatments. Even people who have overly sensitive skin can have a hydrafacial treatment, and any type of facial is often not good for sensitive skin types.  Does the hydrafacial hurt? The hydrafacial treatments are actually some of the least painful. In fact, most patients describe the feeling of the treatment as refreshing or like someone is painting your face with cold water.  Even better, this treatment requires absolutely no recovery time and you can immediately put on your makeup if you choose and resume your normal activities as soon as you get out of the dermatologist’s office.  How long will it be to see a major difference in your skin tone and condition? In most cases, you will see a subtle immediate difference. Your skin will feel softer and more supple, and even appear to be more radiant and relaxed. However, you […]

3 Ways To Make Your Tan More Successful At A Salon

If you want to get tan fast, visiting a tanning salon is an option you can consider. If you want a more permanent tan that you don’t have to keep up all summer, using a tanning bed (where UV rays darken your skin over a few individual sessions) can give you great results. Here are 3 ways to make your tan more successful at a salon so you can have an even, glowing tan over time.  Use accelerator lotions Tanning salons often carry tanning lotions to help progress your tan. These lotions contain tanning accelerators and skin moisturizers, such as hemp oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin E oil, and other elements, to make your skin tan evenly and quickly. Investing in these tanning lotions can help you get more tan quickly and limit the time you expose yourself to the UV lights within the tanning booth. Exfoliate beforehand Rough skin on your knees, elbows, ankles, and other areas of your body will tan differently than your naturally softer skin. Exfoliate thoroughly in the shower prior to tanning at a salon, shaving your legs and other areas and using a loofah to remove dead or dry skin from your body. You can also exfoliate your skin using old coffee grounds, sugar, or salt mixed with body wash. After exfoliating, use the accelerator lotion from the salon to moisturize your skin so it’s ready to bake beautifully. Limit your UV exposure You may think that tanning for several minutes on-end will result in the best tan, but the opposite is true. The longer you sit in a tanning bed, the more orange and unnatural your skin becomes, which can lead to premature aging or burns. Always start out tanning at the lowest time limit, which is usually around 5 minutes at a time, once a day until your body has gotten used to the action. Never tan for more than 20 minutes or more than once a day. If you have fair skin, you will need to be extra cautious of your exposure while in the tanning bed. If you are pregnant, don’t use a tanning bed. When it comes to getting the perfect tan, you never want to rush things. Always start out slow with your tanning sessions, increasing your time limits gradually. Wear accelerating lotion that also moisturizes your skin, and keep dead skin at bay. This way, you can get a beautiful […]

Don’t Wig Out: A Beginner’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Synthetic Wig

Since your chemotherapy has caused your hair to start falling out, you decided to invest in a synthetic wig. But these wigs need careful and specific care in order to look lifelike and healthy – and considering how much a nice wig costs, you’ll want to take as good care of it as you can. So how do you know what to do? If you’re a beginner when it comes to taking care of wigs, then here’s what you need to know. Gather the Proper Equipment You’ll need some rather out-of-the-ordinary equipment if you’re going to take care of your nice, new wig the right way and preserve its life. A wig brush and/or a wig comb is a necessity; brushing a wig with a normal brush or comb will damage the wig and lead to hairs falling out of it, leaving you right back to where you started. In addition, you’ll need shampoo made especially for wigs; while you can use normal conditioner without hurting your wig, wig shampoo is made for synthetic hair and will clean it without damaging it. Lastly, make sure you have a head stand for your wig, where it will rest when you’re not wearing it. Wash on Schedule Because it’s not actually attached to your scalp, your wig doesn’t follow the every-other-day (or so) schedule that applies to normal hair. Instead, wash it in cold water after you wear it for a while – somewhere around once every 6-8 times you wear it, so long as it doesn’t get something spilled on it – to keep it shiny without over-washing and stripping protection off the strands. In addition, you only need to condition it once a month or so; conditioning too often will just add to buildup on the hair, and isn’t necessary more often to keep the wig shiny and soft. Let it Rest Since you wear it every time you leave the house, it can be tempting to just keep your wig on when you’re just chilling at home – but resist that temptation and put your wig back on its head stand when you’re home without anyone to entertain. Not only will letting the wig rest on its head stand allow it to keep the proper shape, but it’ll also keep it safe from the wear and tear that pulling or playing with the hair can do to your wig. […]

Have A Job Interview Soon? Take A Trip To A Spa To Get Ready For Your Big Day

An individual will inevitably have several days that drastically impact their life. Getting married, buying a house, landing a first job, and finding a career position are all examples of this kind of day. If you have a job interview coming up, you should do everything you can to make sure you are ready to impress. Stress and life in general can sometimes get in the way of performing to your own expectations. However, you can fix this by taking a trip to the spa, which can eliminate these debilitating issues. Schedule at an Ideal Time To get the most out of your spa trip, you want to go at a strategic time. For instance, scheduling a visit for the day before an interview but after any important things that you already have planned is ideal. It will prevent these events from putting a hamper on your enjoyment and relaxation from the spa experience. De-stress as Preparation A massage offers much more than just feeling relaxed during the time that you are getting one. It plays a substantial role in providing psychological benefits, which can translate into a better interview. For instance, reducing stress levels is essential for going into an interview with confidence. Instead of talking too fast or worrying about saying the wrong thing, you can slow down and assess interview questions. Improving your mood will help you put a genuine smile on your face when you meet with a potential employer. This is a crucial quality to boast as employers want their employees to have a positive attitude. Start Looking Younger When you go to a spa, it is natural to look forward to a massage, whether you get a standard massage, deep tissue massage, or hot stone massage. However, another service that spas offer is facials, which is a service that you should definitely consider getting before an important job interview. It is an effective way to minimize imperfections on your face and make yourself look younger, which is a desirable feature. Although you can get a deep facial at a spa, you should hold off of anything extremely abrasive right before an interview, as you do not want to risk excessive redness or sensitivity on your face. A light facial is all you need to make a positive difference that can translate into a better job interview. A spa is the perfect place to go […]

Four Things Men Should Know About Getting Manicures

When you own your own business, you will have direct contact with potential clients. Having a professional look allows people to take you seriously and can better your chances of having a client choose your business over another business. While the clothes you wear are important, one area that many men overlook when it comes to having a finished look is their hands. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know about getting a manicure as a man, and what you should expect from your first experience getting salon services.  Your Hands Will be Smoothed When you go to get a manicure, the nail technician will take the time to remove any dead or dry skin from your hands before they even start working on your nails. There are buffing pads and pumas stones that can be used to remove the rough skin and calluses quickly and easily. Your Nails Will Be Shaped Next, the technician will shape your nails. He or she will use a nail file to ensure they have a smooth edge. The technician will more than likely create rounded edges on the sides of our nails because it creates a very finished look.   No Color Has to Be Put on Your Nails After your nails are shaped, the technician will put a layer of clear nail polish on your nails to give them strength to keep them from cracking, chipping, or breaking. When the nail technician puts the polish on your nails, it will not have any color in it. No one will be able to easily point out that there is even any polish on your nails when everything is said and done. No Scented Lotion Has to be Used After your nails are finished, the technician can then massage your hands with lotion. The lotion will be unscented so that you do not have to worry about having a feminine scent on you when you go into your business meetings. A manicure takes a very short of time and will make your hands look much better. Manicures are very affordable and once you find a great technician, they will go even faster because he or she will know what you want to have done without you having to tell them. Have your nails done on a regular basis to keep them looking great at all times. Once every two […]

Can’t Make It To The Spa? Try These Homemade Face Masks Instead

No matter how much you love your regular spa visits, there are bound to be times when other obligations prevent you from keeping your appointment. This does not mean you have to forego pampering yourself entirely. These three homemade face masks are incredibly luxurious, and they can be made with ingredients you might already have in your kitchen — meaning you can enjoy a few minutes of spa time any evening you wish. Cinnamon Face Mask for Acne-Prone Skin Cinnamon is an effective natural treatment for acne since it has natural antibacterial properties. Combined with honey (another antibacterial ingredient) in this face mask, it will help heal your blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. To make this simple mask, you need: 2 tablespoons raw honey 1 pinch cinnamon (don’t use more than a pinch or it may irritate your face) Place these ingredients in a microwave-safe dish, and heat them for 5 seconds, just to liquefy the honey slightly. Stir well, and smooth the mixture onto your face. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it away. Coconut Oil Face Mask for Dry Skin Coconut oil is packed with fatty acids and antioxidants to help moisturize dry, irritated skin. The addition of lavender essential oil gives this face mask a soothing scent, and the sugar allows you to exfoliate a little when it comes time to rinse the mask off. You need: 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1 teaspoon white sugar 1 drop lavender essential oil Mix the ingredients together, and then smooth the mixture onto your face. After allowing it to sit for about 20 minutes, use the tips of your fingers to massage in circles, exfoliating away any dead skin cells. Wipe the excess oil off of your face, and then wash your face with a gentle soap. Yogurt Face Make for Combination Skin Yogurt is the perfect face mask base if you have combination skin. The healthy bacteria it contains will help fight off the bad bacteria that cause blemishes, and its rich, creaminess will add moisture to your dry spots. To make a refreshing yogurt face mask, you need: 2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt 1 teaspoon quick oats (this gives the mask a thicker texture so it stays on your skin) 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice Mix the ingredients together, and then smooth them over your face. You may want to sit in a […]

3 Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

There are many people who have already discovered the benefits of yoga. However, some people still wonder if yoga would be good for them and their specific situation. Luckily, yoga is for everyone. It is a safe and effective way to exercise with many benefits. Here are a few of the many benefits of yoga. 1. Flexibility One thing that many exercise regimens fail to focus on is flexibility. Flexibility is an important part of overall health, but is sadly ignored by many people. If you are lifting weights or exercising in other ways, you should also be taking the time to stretch. Yoga is great because it incorporates stretching into the exercises. While you are building muscle, you are also stretching the muscles. This will help to keep the muscles long and lean instead of bulky. In addition, the stretching with the strength movements will help to prevent you from feeling too sore after a hard workout. 2. Full Body Workout Another great benefit of yoga is that you work your entire body with every workout. Even if you are in a beginner level class, you can get a full body workout. When you do yoga you will be engaging every part of your body. Your core, your legs, and arms will all be working together to do each movement. Even though you may not be jumping up and down, such as during an aerobic dance or running, the poses that you do are very challenging and will engage every muscle as you work to hold them. In fact, in some situations you may not even realize how hard you are working until after the workout has completed and you feel how tired and strained your muscles are. 3. Emotional Health and Stress Relief Yoga is just as much for your emotional well being as it is for your physical benefits. Not only will yoga make your body stronger it will make your mind stronger as well. For example, as you practice yoga you are engaging your mind in mediation and intense focus. In order to do some of the poses you have to focus on your body and your emotions. Many people practice yoga strictly as a way to relieve stress and achieve a level of mediation that cannot be obtained in other ways. These are just a couple of the many reasons people practice yoga. Click here […]

Exploring Your Options For Thinning Shears

A good set of thinning shears can make a big difference when trying to get the right style for you or your client’s hair. Whether you need a pair for home or the salon, the concept behind a good pair of thinning shears is the same. When you go to purchase a quality pair of shears, there are several varieties to choose from. From blending and texturing the hair to removing chunks of hair, there are thinning shears available for numerous objectives. Whatever your needs are for needing thinning shears, here is a rundown of what you should look for.  The Makeup of Thinning Shears When it comes to finding a quality pair of thinning shears, most of them you will find are made of stainless steel. In order to prevent staining and rusting, the steel is corrosion resistant. For some shears, cobalt is added to the composition in order to make the shears more durable. Higher quality shears are usually made up of titanium or bronze. This adds even more durability to the shears in hopes of extending the life of them. Some stylists prefer aluminum shears because they are lightweight. This helps take some of the pressure off the hands when using them constantly.  Purpose of Thinning Shears Stylists can find multiple purposes for using thinning shears. Finishing hair thinning shears are designed to thin out the hair without taking off too much hair. In order to do this, the teeth on the shears are spaced closer together allowing hair to have a more uniformed look. Many stylists choose these when trying to blend the hair. It can be difficult to use this type on thicker hair because the stylist will have to go over the hair many more times than if the hair was thinner.  For thicker hair, many stylists prefer to use chunking hair thinning shears. On these types of sheers, the teeth are spaced further apart so that the hair is able to fall through the spaces. These shears usually remove around 40% to 80% of the hair so that the stylist doesn’t have to keep going over the hair.  For a more versatile pair of thinning shears, stylists should look for blending and texturizing thinning shears. The teeth on these types of shears are spaced closer together than the chunking hair thinning shears, but not as close as the finishing hair thinning shears.  Stylists should […]

Food Items That Will Prevent Acne And Clear Up Skin

Some food items contain ingredients that will naturally prevent acne and clear up a current breakout. If you have acne, learn how to use these food items with the following steps. Egg Whites Egg whites contain protein and vitamins that rebuild skin cells and fade acne scars. They are also able to eliminate oil on facial skin, resulting in less breakouts in the future. Use an egg beater to whip a couple egg whites in a bowl for several minutes. Once the egg whites are light and fluffy, they are ready to be applied to your face. Put on a pair of disposable gloves so that germs and natural oils that are on your fingertips are not exposed to your skin. Apply the egg white mixture with your fingertips. Once your face is evenly coated, sit back and relax for a few minutes. After the egg white mixture begins to stiffen, rinse your face off with warm water and pat your skin with a towel until it is dry. Papaya Papaya is found in many beauty products and is able to remove dead skin cells and fatty acids. Healthy skin will appear after it is applied to your face on a regular basis. Wash a papaya and remove its skin with a knife. Cut up the fruit into bite sized pieces and place them in a blender. Turn the blender on high for a minute or two. Once the papaya is creamy in consistency, it is ready to be applied. Massage the papaya mixture into your facial skin. Wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin from germs and oils on your fingertips which could aggravate current breakouts. Wait a few minutes for the papaya juice to penetrate your skin. Rinse the papaya off with warm water and dry your face with a towel. Banana Peel Banana peels are packed with vitamins and can effectively exfoliate skin until it appears healthy and radiant. Remove the peel from a banana and gently rub the interior portion of the peel over your face. Avoid placing your fingertips directly on your skin so that germs and natural oils are not transferred to your face. After the residue from the peel has been deposited to your skin, wait a few minutes as it hardens. Rinse the residue from your face with warm water and pat your skin dry with a towel. Use banana […]