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Signs You Need A Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic massage is a beneficial and comforting massage that allows the body to flush out fluids that cause discomfort and pain or pressure in the body. This is a type of massage that should be given professionally in a spa or med spa or that can even be given by a massage therapist, a physical therapist in some cases, or a chiropractor.

Learn what lymphatic massage therapy is and how it can benefit you. If you have pain or swelling in your face, arms, legs, or other areas of your body and you believe the issue is lymphatic in nature, you can visit a specialist for treatment. Here are signs you need a lymphatic massage.

You feel puffy and bloated

You may need a lymphatic massage if you feel puffy and bloated anywhere in your body. Your face, arms, legs, and other areas of your body may be affected by stress, medications, or other issues, and a lymphatic massage therapy session can help you get relief and feel and look better.

You have digestion issues

If you feel constipated or bloated or just like your digestion is slower than usual, your lymph nodes may be to blame. Stored fluids and waste can cause you to feel bad internally, and a good lymphatic massage can be helpful.

You feel tired and depressed

You may need a lymphatic massage if you feel tired and depressed all the time, especially if you have had medical or cosmetic work done recently. Get an appointment for some lymphatic massage therapy to see if you can get some type of relief for your symptoms.

You have been sluggish or ill lately

Have you been to the doctor and they say you just need rest and to modify your diet and add more exercise? Feeling sluggish and ill can all be part of a lymphatic issue, and barring any other major medical concerns, you may be able to get a lymphatic massage to help you feel and look better.

Always get a medical clearance or approval for lymphatic massage before you get this type of therapy. Lymphatic massage is not a replacement for other medical care if you have an underlying condition with circulation or an autoimmune disease. You can get lymphatic massage therapy in conjunction with other medical and alternative treatments and make lymphatic massage a regularly scheduled treatment. Get your massages done by a licensed and trained professional for the best results.

Contact a professional to learn more about lymphatic massage.