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Do You Have Thick, Frizzy Hair? 4 Benefits Of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

People often think that having thick hair is desirable, and you might love having hair with some degree of volume. However, there often comes a point when enough is enough, especially if your hair is also prone to frizz or uneven waviness that makes it hard to brush. When you're tired of the same old blow drying and straightening routine, it's worth looking into how keratin hair treatments can provide you with these benefits for looking your best.

Eliminate Hours of Styling Time

Thicker hair simply takes longer to dry, and you might be wasting large portions of your day trying to work your hair into a manageable style. You may also dread getting caught in the rain, as it means that you may have to go back through your styling routine again. Straightening treatments make it possible to simply wash your hair and let it air dry. If you do need to do some straightening, then your hair shouldn't require much more than a quick touch-up with styling tools.

Enjoy Your Straight Style for Longer

Flat irons are great for coaxing your wavy strands into a straight style, but the effects only last as long as you don't get your hair wet. When you know that you want a straight style that lasts, then going for a treatment is your best bet for getting straighter hair for longer. Keratin hair treatments can last for several months, provided that you take care of your hair. To get the straight style to last, it's best to wash your hair around two to three times a week. 

Minimize Heat Damage to Your Hair

All of that blow drying and flat ironing can add up to more problems with hair that is prone to frizziness. Heat-styling appliances can cause your hair to develop split ends and breakage that make it stick out in undesirable ways even more. Dehydrated hair also absorbs more moisture from the air, which is why you might be seeing so much frizziness. Doing a one-time treatment that lasts for months exposes your hair to less damage compared to heat-styling appliances.

Encourage Growth With Reduced Breakage

Trying to brush thick and frizzy hair often means that you might be pulling hard to remove tangles. Over time, this can lead to breakage that stops you from achieving the length that you desire for your favorite hairstyles. Keratin has a strengthening effect on your hair that makes it possible to grow it out to the length that you prefer.