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Use A Hot Tub For Hydrotherapy

Those who suffer from arthritis, back pain, or another physical ailment may benefit from hydrotherapy. Warmth, buoyancy, and pulsating jets can greatly reduce pain. If you will be purchasing a hot tub, use the following guidelines to help you select what type of model to purchase.

Portable Models

Portable models include inflatable hot tubs and non-inflatable hot tubs. An inflatable product may hold one or more people. A small model may be round in shape and require the use of an air pump. A larger inflatable product may contain enough room for several people to use the water feature at the same time. A hot tub that contains a rigid outer shell can be placed outside on a concrete slab, a patio, or a deck.

Portable models may use a small water pump that will prompt water to pulsate from each of the built-in jets. Having access to a portable model will provide the flexibility of moving the water feature to various parts of your property. At the end of the summer or fall, you may decide to pack up your hot tub for the year, since you can move the tub with ease. You have the option of storing the water feature in a garage or another structure.

Full-Sized Spa Models

A permanent hot tub is one that will be encased within cement or another material that can be used for anchoring purposes. A tub can be partially lowered into a hole that is cut into a deck. This will lower the overall height of a tub. A deluxe model may need a relatively large area for the installation of the water feature. Steps can be installed next to a hot tub. A deluxe model may be spa certified.

A certified hot tub is one that meets national standards for the design, performance, and construction of a water feature. Quality and safety standards are upheld at businesses where the public will be using a water feature. Safety and cleanliness may be concerns of someone who will be using a public spa for therapeutic reasons.

If you have ever used a hot tub or a similar water feature at a commercial spa, you may be interested in purchasing a hot tub model that is similarly designed. When visiting a hot tub retailer's showroom, request information about portable and permanent hot tub models. Then, request details about the products that are certified. Spa models may contain adjustable jets, lighting, incline seating, and temperature controls. 

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