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What Happens During A Customized Facial?

A facial can provide you with all the tools you need for a relaxing time, but it will also leave you with improved skin. A customized facial can provide you with clean and clear skin, and it will be personalized to suit your needs.

Are you curious about a customized facial? Here's what you can expect to happen during your next session.

Skin Cleansing

The first thing that typically happens during a facial is a cleanse. The specialist will remove makeup and dirt from your skin. This may come with steam, which will soften your skin.

Skin Analysis

A skin analysis is next, and it will quickly determine what kind of resources you should be able to rely on. For example, your provider will take a look at your skin type and any potential concerns you've been dealing with.


An exfoliating mask is often applied. Different types of masks are available based on how much skin your provider thinks may need to come off. This process is painless and helps you maintain soft, glowing skin. It removes dead skin and provides a renewed look.


In some locations, your facial provider will extract clogged pores. If you have clogged pores, removing the blockages can help you avoid blackheads and other skin imperfections. This process can be uncomfortable, but it can provide you with clear skin.


Based on the analysis provided by a professional, you may have one or more masks applied. A provider may apply a mask to brighten your skin, moisturize your skin, or treat specific issues your skin arises. Masks are rinsed or peeled off before you leave.


Before you leave, your provider may moisturize your face. Unlike a mask, this will not be peeled or washed off. You will wear moisturizer throughout the day. It will give your skin a more smooth and soft appearance that is meant to last all day.

After your moisturizer is applied, your provider may also apply a sunblock. This protects your skin from UV rays as you go about your day.

Get a Customized Facial

A facial can help you look and feel your best. As you know, a facial is about so much more than what you see on the surface. Your specialist will ensure that your skin feels just as good as it looks. Set up your facial today to see how you can elevate your skincare routine.