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Easing Common Concerns About Juvederm

Juvederm is one of a number of hyaluronic acid injections that can be used to erase wrinkles, fine lines, and sunken spots on your face. Many patients have benefited from these cosmetic injections. However, you might have a few concerns or worries as you consider having these injections yourself. You'll find those concerns addressed below.

Concern: The injections will hurt.

Injections don't typically feel good! You may be worried that getting Juvederm injections will be like getting a bunch of flu shots in your face. But it's not actually nearly this bad or painful. Most doctors will apply a numbing agent to your face before the injections, so you'll hardly feel more than a prick as you're injected. The injections are also quite small in volume. There will only be a tiny amount of liquid injected with each shot.

Concern: The results will be too dramatic.

Sometimes people are worried that if they get hyaluronic acid injections, the results will make them look so different that family and friends will start asking questions. This isn't normally the case. If you want your results to be subtle and natural, you can tell your doctor that, and they'll go easy on the injections. Many patients choose to get just a little Juvederm the first time. Then, as they and others around them get used to the younger appearance, they start getting a little more each time they have a repeat treatment. Repeat treatments are needed about every year to year and a half.

Concern: You won't be able to feel the area injected.

You may have heard of people getting cosmetic injections and then having numbness and tingling in the area that was injected. This is something that can happen with botulinum toxin injections since that substance does interact with the nerves. Even then, it usually goes away within a few days or weeks. This does not happen with hyaluronic acid injections, though. The substances in the injection stay in your skin, adding volume to the area, but they should not change your perception of sensation in that area. Some people have some redness and swelling near the injections for a day or two, but this will then go away.

Juvederm and other hyaluronic acid injections are great options for adding volume to facial skin. Talk to your dermatologist to learn more about these injections, or if you have additional concerns you would like addressed.