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Age Spots Bothering You? Head To The Local Med Spa

If you are unhappy with age spots that have been appearing on your skin, you may assume you need to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Indeed, this is one viable approach — but you could also just head to your local med spa. Most med spas offer several non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments that can help ease the appearance of age spots. Take a look at a few of them below.

Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light, also known as IPL, is a very common med spa treatment for various types of uneven skin tone. This treatment involves sending flashes of concentrated light at the area to be treated. This is done with a special applicator tool, which your practitioner will move from one spot to the next across your face. The light will penetrate through the outer layer of your skin and into the dermal layer, where pigment-producing cells are located. Here, it will destroy some of the extra pigment, allowing your age spots to fade in the days after treatment.

IPL causes a slight pinching or flicking sensation, but it's not overly painful. In the days following treatment, you will just need to avoid sunlight and harsh skin care products to allow your skin to heal.

Nitrogen Freezing

If you have just a few very distinct age spots, your practitioner may recommend treating them individually rather than treating your own face. This can be done with nitrogen freezing. Basically, a tiny bit of liquid nitrogen will be applied to the age spot. This will kill the outer layer of the skin. When it grows back, there will hopefully be fewer pigment-producing cells, making your age spots less obvious. Nitrogen freezing works better for some patients than for others, but it's fast and low-risk, so it is generally worth a try. You'll just need to be careful about using skin care products around the affected area for a few days.

Chemical Peels

If you have a lot of dark age spots over much of your face, consider a chemical peel. A special exfoliating solution will be applied to your face and then rinsed away after a few minutes. Basically, it will remove the outer layer of your skin and give your skin a chance to grow a new, less pigmented layer. Your skin will be red and irritated for a few days afterwards, but you should notice a profound difference once the irritation passes.

Med spa staff are experts at dealing with age spots, so don't hesitate to stop in and ask which treatment they feel is best suited to your particular needs. 

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