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If You Put On False Eyelashes Every Day, It's Time To Consider Extensions

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone. However, if you are someone who wears false eyelashes every day or most days, it really is time to consider getting extensions instead of putting them on every day. Here are a few of the advantages eyelash extensions have over traditional false lashes.

1. You don't have to spend time putting them on every morning

Sure, putting false lashes on only takes a couple of minutes most mornings. But that time adds up. And on the one morning out of 10 or 20 that you don't get the lashes perfect the first time around, you have to take them off and re-apply them, which is quite a nuisance. With extensions, you get to skip this step and have bold, beautiful lashes in place all of the time. You'll cut minutes from your morning routine and you'll never be late due to a lash mishap.

2. You will have the lashes on 24 hours a day

When you're used to having false lashes on, you can feel a little self-conscious if someone shows up to your door later at night and you've already taken them off. Plus, you may want to look your best for your partner in the evening, and you may not feel like you look your best with your false lashes off. With eyelash extensions, you get that full lash look 24 hours a day, so even the pizza delivery person won't see you without your lashes.

3. You won't be exposed to as much glue

When you wear false lashes every day, you're exposing yourself to fresh lash glue every day. The fumes can be irritating to your eyes. Eyelash extensions don't require daily exposure to new glue. Yes, your salon practitioner will attach your eyelash extensions with glue, but it will soon dry, and then you won't have wet glue on your lashes for another 4 to 6 weeks when you get your extensions filled. When you have eyelash extensions applied professional, there will also be special guards in place to keep the glue and glue fumes out of your eyes.

If you're a regular wearer of false lashes, it's time to consider upgrading to extensions. They're more convenient, you have them on 24-7, and they reduce your exposure to glue fumes. Reach out to the staff at a salon or eyelash professional near you to discuss getting eyelash extensions