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Recovering From The Flu? Schedule An IV Drip Therapy Session

Recovering from the flu can take a while. After a few days, you start to feel better and you are no longer contagious, so you can return to work and other obligations. But you still feel drained and generally unwell. How can you get over these lingering symptoms? A good option is to schedule an IV drip therapy session.

What is IV drip therapy?

IV drip therapy is essentially when you visit a doctor's office or an IV therapy center to have a special solution slowly dripped into your veins via an IV. It's similar to when a doctor would insert an IV into your arm in the hospital, but instead of containing medications, the solution will contain fluids and a blend of certain nutrients that will help you recover from the flu.

What nutrients does the solution contain?

Most IV therapy centers offer several options for drip solutions. They may even have one that is specifically intended for patients who are recovering from illness. If not, you want to look for a solution that contains plenty of vitamins C and E, as these antioxidant nutrients will help your immune system recover from the flu. You also want the solution to contain electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The flu can really leave you dehydrated, and these electrolyte minerals help restore your hydration levels.

Does IV drip therapy hurt?

You will feel a little prick when the needle goes in, and you might continue to feel a bit of a sensation near the needle, but it should not be overtly painful. You should, however, feel very rejuvenated when the treatment is over.

How long does IV drip therapy take?

Every patient is different, but you can count on the treatment taking somewhere between a half hour and an hour. If you have a flexible job, you may be able to stop by for a treatment on your lunch break.

Are there risks involved with IV drip therapy?

There is a small risk of infection as your skin is being pierced with a needle. However, as long as your practitioner uses sanitary protocols, you should not really have to be concerned. The nutrients used in IV drip therapy are all very safe and widely consumed, so there are really no concerns about side effects or poor reactions.

If it feels like you're recovering from the flu slowly, contact an IV drip therapy center near you. One session, and you'll be feeling a lot better.