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3 Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Great As A Man

Putting your best appearance out to the world is a core concept for modern masculinity. When you master it, you will see huge results in your personal and professional life. Since your appearance is cared for with detail, you'll know you look your best, and this will help you to carry yourself with confidence. This helps you speak clearly, make eye contact and open up, showing the full range of your personality. If you'd like to get more in touch with yourself and the version of yourself you share with the world, consider these grooming and wellness tips. 

Get your hair and beard together

While you're fixing your appearance, make sure that you show regular attention to your hairstyle and your facial hair. Regular cuts, trims, and shaves will have you feeling like a million bucks, and let you express yourself with more animation. Find a barber or stylist that can give you regular shampoo, conditioner, and cuts, in addition to mustache and beard maintenance. Depending on what you're getting, you might pay between $10 and $100, in addition to a tip. Make sure that you schedule appointments in advance and treat your stylist well since they're pampering you and making you look great. 

Expand your physical fitness and wellness

Men looking to keep up with themselves mostly go straight to lifting weights. This is great because it builds your physique and helps to regulate testosterone, but there are other forms of fitness that will make you feel like a star. Yoga is amazing because it helps work out bodily kinks and stress, so you feel at ease and pain-free. It's also a great muscle builder and can improve your sex life, which improves your confidence. Definitely don't snub manicures and pedicures either. Having clean and well-manicured hands helps you express yourself and makes you proud and at ease issuing a firm handshake. You'll feel better in dress clothes knowing that even the tiny details are looked after. 

Find clothing that fits your size and build

Instead of squeezing into clothes that don't fit, learn your sizes and measurements so that every outfit suits you well. If you're wearing suits, always get them tailored as opposed to wearing them how they fit fresh off the rack. A good tailor will make even a regular suit look amazing on you. Most importantly, find clothes that you enjoy and that play to your strengths, and fill your wardrobe with them. 

Follow these tips to look, feel and present yourself as a brand new man. Contact a salon, like Detour Salon & Detour The Store, for more help.