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Cut Your Hair Yourself And It Is Now A Disaster? 2 Tips On What You Can Do

If you tried to cut your own hair to save money and now it is a complete disaster, do not worry too much about this because there are things you can do until it gets back to normal. Below are two of these things so you can determine if they would be right for you.

Visit a Salon

The very first thing on your list should be to visit a hair salon to try to repair the damage you caused. Depending on what you did, they can try to cut your hair to shape it into place. Depending on how short you cut your hair you should plan to wait for it to grow out because hair grows approximately half an inch per month. This does depend on many factors, however, such as your race, hormonal state, and genetics.

The hair salon stylist can show you different ways to fix your hair to help hide this area. For example, if you cut the sides too short, you can do a side braid or twist. If you cut your bangs way too short, you can pull them back on top of your head and secure them with hair pins. This is called a pompadour hair style. You could part your hair on one side to help hide the side area also.

Wear a Wig

If you messed your hair up so bad that the stylist could not do much with it, you can wear a wig while you are waiting for it to grow out. You can have fun with this as you can choose any length, color, and style that you want. There are different types of wigs you can choose from including:


Synthetic wigs are less expensive than most other types of wigs. They are generally made of nylon and acrylic. You should understand that this type of wig can melt in high heat so you need to be careful when styling the hair with a hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener. You can choose to dye the synthetic wig so it matches your normal hair color. This wig feels almost like human hair and it looks natural. Synthetic wigs wear out quicker than other types, though.


A more expensive option is a natural wig that is made of human hair, buffalo hair, or horsehair. A good quality natural wig is very durable and will last a long time. People will not be able to tell at all, as this wig looks completely like natural hair. When purchasing a natural wig, make sure it is high quality. The wig should be hand-tied with the hair strands matched so the hair shafts point in the same direction. This allows you to style you hair like you do with your own hair. Natural wigs are also heat resistant.

Your hair stylist can give you many more tips to help you get through this difficult situation.