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Hydrafacial Treatments: An Introduction For Prospective Patients

As you age, the changes and flaw of your face naturally become more noticeable. However, the ready availability of specific treatments with a dermatologist can usually help to reduce the imperfections you see. Perhaps one of the most popular relatively modern facial treatments is the hydrafacial. This innovative technique, offered by only well-trained dermatology centers, is known to give incredible results after just one treatment. If you are considering a treatment to combat the signs of aging, a hydrafacial could be just what you need. Here are a few of the most common questions about hydrafacial treatments and the answers you will want to know as a prospective patient.

What is a hydrafacial treatment exactly?

A hydrafacial treatment is a form of a facial performed by a dermatologist that does not involve the use of laser technology. The procedure is performed primarily with water which is delivered by a handheld device that contains the moisture as it works to clean your skin. The process involves a basic exfoliation, hydration, and cleansing of the skin on your face. After repeated treatments, many patients see a dramatic difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and even aging spots or areas of skin discoloration. 

Is a hydrafacial suitable for all skin types?

Because of the gentle nature of the hydrafacial treatments, this is a suitable treatment for any skin type. Everyone from those with oily skin issues to those who have dry scaly skin or skin issues can be a suitable candidate and see benefits with hydrafacial treatments. Even people who have overly sensitive skin can have a hydrafacial treatment, and any type of facial is often not good for sensitive skin types. 

Does the hydrafacial hurt?

The hydrafacial treatments are actually some of the least painful. In fact, most patients describe the feeling of the treatment as refreshing or like someone is painting your face with cold water.  Even better, this treatment requires absolutely no recovery time and you can immediately put on your makeup if you choose and resume your normal activities as soon as you get out of the dermatologist's office. 

How long will it be to see a major difference in your skin tone and condition?

In most cases, you will see a subtle immediate difference. Your skin will feel softer and more supple, and even appear to be more radiant and relaxed. However, you may want to continue hydrafacial treatments to see the most dramatic skin transformation.