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Don't Wig Out: A Beginner's Guide To Taking Care Of Your Synthetic Wig

Since your chemotherapy has caused your hair to start falling out, you decided to invest in a synthetic wig. But these wigs need careful and specific care in order to look lifelike and healthy – and considering how much a nice wig costs, you'll want to take as good care of it as you can. So how do you know what to do? If you're a beginner when it comes to taking care of wigs, then here's what you need to know.

Gather the Proper Equipment

You'll need some rather out-of-the-ordinary equipment if you're going to take care of your nice, new wig the right way and preserve its life. A wig brush and/or a wig comb is a necessity; brushing a wig with a normal brush or comb will damage the wig and lead to hairs falling out of it, leaving you right back to where you started. In addition, you'll need shampoo made especially for wigs; while you can use normal conditioner without hurting your wig, wig shampoo is made for synthetic hair and will clean it without damaging it. Lastly, make sure you have a head stand for your wig, where it will rest when you're not wearing it.

Wash on Schedule

Because it's not actually attached to your scalp, your wig doesn't follow the every-other-day (or so) schedule that applies to normal hair. Instead, wash it in cold water after you wear it for a while – somewhere around once every 6-8 times you wear it, so long as it doesn't get something spilled on it – to keep it shiny without over-washing and stripping protection off the strands. In addition, you only need to condition it once a month or so; conditioning too often will just add to buildup on the hair, and isn't necessary more often to keep the wig shiny and soft.

Let it Rest

Since you wear it every time you leave the house, it can be tempting to just keep your wig on when you're just chilling at home – but resist that temptation and put your wig back on its head stand when you're home without anyone to entertain. Not only will letting the wig rest on its head stand allow it to keep the proper shape, but it'll also keep it safe from the wear and tear that pulling or playing with the hair can do to your wig. Your wig won't just look better when given its beauty rest, but it will also last longer.

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