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Exploring Your Options For Thinning Shears

A good set of thinning shears can make a big difference when trying to get the right style for you or your client's hair. Whether you need a pair for home or the salon, the concept behind a good pair of thinning shears is the same. When you go to purchase a quality pair of shears, there are several varieties to choose from. From blending and texturing the hair to removing chunks of hair, there are thinning shears available for numerous objectives. Whatever your needs are for needing thinning shears, here is a rundown of what you should look for. 

The Makeup of Thinning Shears

When it comes to finding a quality pair of thinning shears, most of them you will find are made of stainless steel. In order to prevent staining and rusting, the steel is corrosion resistant. For some shears, cobalt is added to the composition in order to make the shears more durable. Higher quality shears are usually made up of titanium or bronze. This adds even more durability to the shears in hopes of extending the life of them. Some stylists prefer aluminum shears because they are lightweight. This helps take some of the pressure off the hands when using them constantly. 

Purpose of Thinning Shears

Stylists can find multiple purposes for using thinning shears. Finishing hair thinning shears are designed to thin out the hair without taking off too much hair. In order to do this, the teeth on the shears are spaced closer together allowing hair to have a more uniformed look. Many stylists choose these when trying to blend the hair. It can be difficult to use this type on thicker hair because the stylist will have to go over the hair many more times than if the hair was thinner. 

For thicker hair, many stylists prefer to use chunking hair thinning shears. On these types of sheers, the teeth are spaced further apart so that the hair is able to fall through the spaces. These shears usually remove around 40% to 80% of the hair so that the stylist doesn't have to keep going over the hair. 

For a more versatile pair of thinning shears, stylists should look for blending and texturizing thinning shears. The teeth on these types of shears are spaced closer together than the chunking hair thinning shears, but not as close as the finishing hair thinning shears. 

Stylists should make sure to maintain their shears by sharpening them accordingly. The shears should come with a manual that dictates how often the shears should be sharpened. If not sharpened enough, the stylist could struggle at cutting the hair. If sharpened too much, it could end up damaging the shears.