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Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You Want To Apply Ointment To Scars Left Over After An Electrolysis Session

While it can take a lot of sessions and a lot of money to permanently prevent hair growth on a part of your body, electrolysis could be your most efficient hair removal option in the long run. If you attack the hair follicles themselves instead of the hairs that spring from them, you won't have to waste a lot of time on shaving. When you want to apply ointment to a scar that was left over after an electrolysis session, remember to avoid these three pitfalls.

Squeezing The Ointment Out On Only One Part Of The Scar Area Instead Of Several Parts

Especially if the scar covers a very wide area, you don't want to risk putting more ointment on one side of it than another. If one side of the scar refuses to heal quickly because you didn't put enough ointment on it, the lack of symmetry will make the whole scar look even worse.

So before you use your hand to spread out all the ointment as smoothly as you can, put the ointment tube over multiple areas of the scar instead of just one area. It'll be much easier to evenly spread out several small ointment deposits that are fairly close to each other than one big deposit.

Not Putting A Plastic Or Paper Sheet On The Ointment To Put Pressure On The Scar

Even if you put a ton of ointment on the scar, it won't be as effective as it can be unless you put pressure on it with a plastic or paper sheet. This sheet doesn't have to be thick or heavy; in fact, it can be about as substantial as any ordinary piece of notebook paper.

It's important that you leave this sheet on your skin for a couple hours so the ointment has plenty of time to dry and get absorbed. While keeping a sheet on the scar for longer won't necessarily do any harm, it's not essential to do so.

Applying Ointment When There's Only A Few Days Left Until Another Electrolysis Session

Too much ointment penetration could make it harder for an electrolysis device to make direct contact with your hair follicles. Therefore, if a scar only really becomes noticeable when there's only a few days left until another electrolysis session, you're better off waiting until the new session is over.

Applying too much ointment at the wrong time could mean that you end up having to go through more sessions than is necessary. Contact a company like Electrolysis & Therapeutic Skin Care By Tracy for more information.