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Chakra, Spiritual An D Aura Massages: How They Differ

Chakra, spiritual and aura massages are all associated with New Age healing. However, these three types of massage are very different from each other. If you have never experienced any of these massages but are curious as to how they differ, the following article will help you get a better understanding of these massage practices and why spas and salons offer them.

Spiritual Massage

This is not traditional massage by any means. Instead of working with different pressures along the back, neck, head and full torso, a spiritual massage requires that you lay prone (on your stomach, and the specialist runs his or her hands from your head straight down to your feet with long, medium-pressure strokes. It is often combined with relaxing music or sounds of nature in the background. A sensuous component may be added with scented oils that appeal to your inner spirit and soul, something which the massage therapist can help you determine.

Chakra Massage

According to Indian spiritual beliefs, the body has seven chakras, or areas of well-being, lined up the center of the body. Chakras that are "out of order" cause you to feel a certain way emotionally. When the feelings are negative, your chakras are trying to tell you something. Chakra massage is meant to help you reconnect with all of your chakras, listen to them and your body, and put all of your chakras in a straight line again. Various types of pressure are applied to your "root" chakra at the base of your spine all the way to the top of your head. It may or may not require you to flip over onto your spine since the chakra positioned just behind your bellybutton cannot be massaged effectively while you are on your stomach.

Aura Massage

Similar to a chakra, the aura is supposedly the life force that surrounds you and dwells within you. There are Tibetan exercises that help you massage your own aura, but you may prefer a professional's help instead. The specialist has you lay on your stomach but does not touch your physical body. Instead, he or she passes over, around and above your body many times with different waving movements to awaken the aura and "let it breathe". It might be the best option for a unique massage if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger touching your body but would also like to experiment with massage therapy.

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